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Website Development/SEO
Website Management/Evolution
Social Media Management
Newsletter Management
Brand & Asset Management
Presence/Reputation Management
Thank you for your interest in our services. Since 2005 we have been evolving with the tech world to pull together the latest services and products you need to keep your business moving. Our service balances out the type of resources you need along with the volume required for your size organization. With ever-changing business needs, resources can be adjusted to compensate accordingly.


Below is a highlight of the services being proposed for your organization. Hopefully this will provide additional insight to what we would like to offer you.
  • Website Development/Management/Evolution: Design and management of company website ( with brand flow and communication through SEO enhanced content. Continue to upgrade the design and website  features, as client.
  • Social Media Management: Setup/Management/Evolution/Reviews for using Facebook and 2 additional applicable channels.
  • Base Tech Support: Assist Your Company with basic tech support for all services provided and full marcom consultation.
  • Graphic Design/Print: Provide design and print services for your organizational needs.
  • Email/Data Management: Manage mailchimp account, design, publish, report and list building->website form.

virtual tech support email office
email support data management
reputation management

This portion of our service includes full website design, maintenance and growth for your business. Design will have a consistent brand flow to represent your business identity. As your partner we will consistently update, upgrade and up-design your websites through the life of the service. Always ensuring your features, UX and UI are evolving as they should. As well as ensuring important software and security updates are always running the latest version.

Within our modern design will be refined content, fully connected to the appropriate search and optimization tools.  Analytical data access will be available upon launch of the new website.

under the hood

  • Design: Custom design identity with new brand structure
  • SEO:  SEO enhanced Published content within an SEO ready platform
  • Booking: Booking Engine integration/linking
  • Functionality: Contact Forms, Gallery, Shopping Cart, Security, Analytics
  • Brand: Custom logo, identity schema, communication0 and implementation
  • Sales/Revenue: Online store ready with Square integration & Print/product fulfillment – novelty/gifts
  •  Image Content: istock photo resources and local on-site photo capture.
  • Advertising Support: Support Advertising efforts on Google to generate traffic.

Social Media Management Services

Staying relevant on popular social media platforms is crucial. Our social media management service provides structure, consultation, training and a basic social stream to keep your page active and moving.

under the hood

  • Account Optimization: Ensure account is properly setup, refined and ready for growth.
  • Image content: Optimized and formatted- Events, campaigns, announcements, etc.
  • Link Posts: Organic news posts linked from property website.
  • Social Stream: Relevant article, link and image posts
  • Advertising: Post, manage, budget, data

virtual tech support email office

Ensuring your company has the proper technical support and consultation knowledge at your fingertips to keep your channels moving is imperative.  We provide a remote desktop experience powered by Teamviewer as well as support for third party technical and account issues.

under the hood

  • Email Support: Device, Client and Server support
  • Windows/Peripheral Support: Updates, Security, Basic Maintenance, Setup
  • Data Support: Access, File Management, Support
  • Office Product Support: Licensing, Installations, Repair, Integration
  • Marcom Consultation: Guide, assist and direct, needed technical/marcom endeavors

graphic design print services

Our graphic design services will enable you to obtain collateral materials, promotional materials, signage, and novelties on the fly. Making sure you’re taken care of for all of your marketing, communication, and revenue needs.

under the hood

  • Collateral: Business Cards, Rack cards
  • Signage: Flyers, Banners, Notices, Instructional
  • Fulfillment: Order/Print/Ship on demand – Gift, novelty, promotion
  • Branding: Brand development, deployment
  • Guest: Menus, takeaways, communication

Email communication is vital to your business and guest/client communication.  We utilize Mailchimp to manage your emails lists, distribution, templates, list building, and analytical features. We also offer a premium reliable email service, Rackspace, that is managed fully for you for email communication using your domain. As well as providing a centralized, structured data management utilizing the cloud. Already use these email/data services? Our service includes creation or management of current setup.

under the hood

  • Mailchimp Email Marketing: Template Design, Campaign Management, List Building and Analytics
  • Rackspace Email (suggested Service): 25GB/mailbox
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Data Management: Rackspace, GSuite, Office 365
  • Email Provider Options: Rackspace, GSuite, Office 365
  • Support: Full System and Product Support

reputation management

Reputation Management is vital to your online presence. We supervise your online presence and reputation through detailed assessment and streamlined profile management. Reviews are a big deal; they rank your visibility and impact your reservations. We will manage your reviews with carefully crafted responses, posted in a timely and effective manner. We also ensure all of your profiles are current and in alignment with brand schema and communication.

under the hood

  • Facebook reviews: Fully Managed
  • Google reviews: Fully managed
  • 2 Additional Channels: Fully managed
  • Industry Reviews (3rd party sites): Insight Provided
  • Internal Reviews: Insight Provided

Select the best option for your planned resource needs from the packages listed below.  All pricing is per property/package. Billing will occur monthly (minimum six-month contract for all packages).

Email your finalized designs, and we will create an official six-month agreement with your specifications outlined. Please contact us for further questions, or additional information.

Premium Package

Website Development/Management

Social Media Management

Enhanced Marcom/Tech Support/Consultation

Graphic Design/Print Services

Email Management-List Building

Brand/Reputation Management

Print Services

Web Hosting

Basic Package

Website Design/Management

Social Stream

Base Marcom/Tech Support

Print Services

Web Hosting

Lite Package

Website Management

Social Stream

Base Tech Support

Print Services

Sample Work